About Us

We started Freedom Valley Campground as a way for us to create an open and fun camping environment for ourselves and our adult friends - old and new. We chose the name based on the idea that we want this campground to be a place that embodies the feeling of complete freedom to be oneself.

While there are several adult-only, clothing-optional campgrounds nationwide, we are not affiliated with any other similar businesses, and strive to provide you with a uniquely Freedom Valley experience every time you stay with us. Although we are the owners, we aim to maintain the trust and respect of our residents and guests.

Raw land near Cushing and Luck, WI was purchased in April of 2014 and a core group of volunteers donated their summer, equipment, materials, blood, sweat, and tears to finish; a check-in building, 30 RV sites, a shower building, and water/sewer system. We've steadily grown to 117 sites and added so many more features and amenities.

For the safety and mutual respect of all campers, please review the campground guidelines at your convenience. You can read the campground rules & regulations here.

Thank you all for the unbelievable support you have shown us throughout this journey.

-Scott & Jen